Remember the BlackBerry Pearl? Yeah, us either. Some astute observers have noticed that the Sprint spec sheet for the upcoming BlackBerry Pearl 8130 launch indicates that Sprint TV and the Sprint Music Store will be an available option. This is great news for anyone looking to pick up one of the new handsets, as added media functionality is never a bad thing. While we personally don’t get much enjoyment out of Sprint’s mobile TV offerings, it’s a whole lot better than nothing. This service will likely be made possible by the handset’s EV-DO connection, which explains why we have yet to see such an option from T-Mobile or AT&T. Here’s to hoping that Verizon’s Pearl has V-Cast, which to our eyes is a far more noble stab at mobile video content. Wait, is it? Dude, I got Fergie. Dude, I got Joss Stone in my pocket.