And the walls came crumbling down. Reuters ran a story yesterday, renewing speculation that software giant Microsoft is interested in acquiring Research in Motion. This appears to be purely analyst speculation at this point, but it’s important to note that RIM’s shares did experience a rather sizable 3% increase following the release of the news story. Apparently, at least according to the report, Microsoft’s interest could stem from the increased rumblings surrounding the Google phone. A pre-emptive strike, perhaps? There would seem to be a bit of a conflict here, however, as Microsoft currently manufacturers the software side of some of RIM’s biggest competition. Can anyone say anti-trust? That may be a bit of an over-exageration, with more than enough mobile OS options to go around, but it would be shame to see RIM fall at the hands of Microsoft. Let’s hope the rumors are just that for the time being. What do y’all think about the possible rumored acquisition?


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