Seattle-based Real Networks and the Music Television Network have joined forces. The two companies, along with mobile content provider partners Verizon and Vodafone, are set to bring exclusive mobile and desktop-based content to the masses. The Wall Street Journal broke the story a day early, so the actual details of the partnership are a bit slim, but this has the makings of a very interesting relationship. The combination of audio and video content providers could prove to counteract the seemingly endless reserves of the Apple media onslaught. Partnership with Verizon brings a bit of AT&T competition into the fray…another overt reaction to the iPhone? It’s hard to say, as Rhapsody’s all-you-can-eat subscription model is world’s apart from the iTunes buy as you go model. We’ll reserve final judgement until we’ve seen the specifics of the agreement, but this is, to say the least, very intriguing.