Whoa. Either we’ve just hit the Verizon motherload, or someone has orchestrated an elaborate hoax. We sincerely hope that it’s the former. A Verizon employee has apparently leaked the company’s upcoming product launch road map, and the document contains details aplenty about a number of upcoming Verizon handsets and launch dates. Check out the rundown below:

  • 8/20 Moto Q9m
  • 8/15 VZW XV6800
  • 8/16 Verizon "8905"
  • 9/2 Green enV
  • 9/4 Verizon "Coupe"

Keen eyes will have noticed the two mystery handsets, the 8905 and the "Coupe". A big round of applause to anyone who can clue us in on what exactly these things are. Confusion aside, it looks the the big V is finally gearing up to reinforce their anemic PPC and Smartphone offerings, with the Q9 and XV6800, a.k.a. HTC Mogul bringing some much needed relief. Check the jump for the full rundown

Thanks, Brad!