Let’s say for the moment this were 50 years ago…that headline would be met with complete and utter confusion. As it is, absurd names are par for the modern-media course. On to the news…Nokia, the Finnish, Symbian loving powerhouse that they are, has just acquired Twango. For those that don’t know, Twango is an online media sharing site that allows users to post and share music, images, video, and more. For lack of a better description, Twango is a media-heavy social networking site. Nokia’s acquisition is certainly a positive move, as it will allow the manufacturer to provide an integrated mobile media experience with a proven and viable web-based network. Shoot some crazy pics on your N95, seamlessly upload them to your Twango account, login when you get home and network to your heart’s content. No word on exactly how much this acquisition set them back, but in the quest for global handset domination, no cost is too much.