Palm has just released an OS update for Treo 700w/wx’s running on the Verizon network, and it includes a couple of pretty useful upgrades. The new update brings the OS up to 1.22, and in the case of the Treo 700w, includes support for DUN tethering over USB and Bluetooth, A2DP stereo Bluetooth protocol support, and one-touch access to the speakerphone and mute buttons from the today screen. There are a number of other minor improvements, but if DUN and A2DP aren’t doin’ it for you, then we’d wager to say that there’s not much hope left. The 700wx gets a number of minor upgrades, sadly. The update can theoretically be performed without wiping your device, but we would highly suggest running a back up prior to implementing the patch. If you’re down for the 1.22 cause, hit the link for further instructions.


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