The word "Slifter" doesn’t exactly make me want to buy things, but Sprint is hoping that it was have just that affect on many of its subscribers. The new service, simply dubbed Slifter, relies on technology provided by GPSShopper to bring location-based shopping recommendations to its GPS capable handsets. Users can search by store category, location, and product. The latter category search draws on a continuously updated database of over 85 million products, giving you instant access to that "special cream" you so desperately need. You can choose to use the information immediately, or save an unspecified number of searches onto your handset for later use. It will be available on all GPS-enabled handsets for a nominal $2 monthly fee. For those of you not "lucky" enough to be locked into a Sprint contract, the service is available directly from Slifter themselves for a variety of handsets and service providers, albeit without the GPS-assisted goodies.