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Pirate Bay co-founder charged in massive hacking case

Gottfrid Svartholm Warg, a co-founder of the infamous Pirate Bay website, can’t seem to stay out of legal hot water. Ars Technica reports that Svartholm Warg has been charged in Denmark with “illegally accessing >>

Feds bust another LulzSec hacker

Having some lulz at the expense of another company’s security probably seemed like a better idea before it resulted in a possible 15-year jail sentence. Per the Telegraph, U.S. authorities on Tuesday arrested 20-year-old Raynaldo >>

Hacker uses NFC to pwn Android phones

Esteemed hacker Charlie Miller, who made a name for himself embarrassing Apple engineers with his iOS hacks, has returned with a big, juicy target in his sites: the Near Field Communications technology used >>

U.S. warns gas pipeline companies of cyberattacks

Natural gas pipeline operators in the United States have reportedly been the target of sophisticated phishing attacks since last year, and the Department of Homeland Security has been helping firms deal with incidents >>