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BlackBerry Bold / AT&T update!

While our predicted national launch date of October 2nd still looks to be holding true, we’ve had a flurry of tips from many different people regarding the BlackBerry Bold release on AT&T. What >>

Blackberry Bolds hit New York, sell out

Dear New Yorkers, It has come to our attention that you lucky bastards are able to purchase pre-release Blackberry Bolds for a mere $1,300 right there in Manhattan. While this price is nothing >>

BlackBerry Bold giveaway gallery!

Our contest has officially ended, and we’ll need a bit to pick the winners. In the meantime though, take a gander at some of the photos people sent in. Some of them are >>

Ooopsie! Blackberry Bold suffers from iPhoneitis?

Apparently the iPhone 3G isn’t the only hot new data device that is suffering some 3G issues. The Blackberry Bold, which has not yet been released in the United States, is reportedly losing >>

Don’t drop your BlackBerry Bold…

In tears. Was unloading my car, opening the trunk with the Bold in the same hand as the one I was opening the trunk with. Then “BAM.” It fell out of my hand >>

BlackBerry Bold browser walk through

Bored at work? Counting down those hours until you’re free? Hopefully this will help take your mind off of things. The biggest request we’ve been getting so far regarding the Bold is to >>

Are you really serious?

Like, for realz? You’re going after the kid right now? The Bold-breaker? Javelin-leaker? Thunder-scoopster? Kickstart-poster? I’m not even going to get into too many details but I will respond to a couple of >>