First Windows Phone 7 update due in early March; Verizon, Sprint phones in first half of 2011

During his keynote speech at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer confirmed that the company will issue its first software update for the Windows Phone 7 platform in the next few weeks (early March). New features that will be introduced with the update, as specified by Microsoft earlier this month, include copy/paste functionality and better integration with Microsoft services like Bing and the Windows Marketplace. Microsoft’s CEO also confirmed that the update will bring CDMA support to the Windows Phone 7 platform, and that Windows Phone 7 devices will launch in the first half of 2011. A specific availability dates for the software update and CDMA phone launches were not provided during today’s keynote. Finally, Ballmer noted that a new version of Internet Explorer for Windows Phone 7 will become available in the second half of this year, as will a new, more robust multitasking solution that facilitates faster app-switching and adds several APIs for background processes. Don’t forget to check out our live coverage of the keynote for more details.

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