Lord…that was quick. No sooner does the venerable HTC Advantage show up for sale in the US, HTC’s next tour de force emerges for the drooling public. One of the first review copies of HTC’s entry into the UMPC market, the Shift, has found its way into the hands of a man named Hugo, and boy is he impressed. The HTC Shift is an incredibly powerful machine, sporting a dual-boot system that allows for both Windows Vista Business and Windows Mobile to be run on the same machine…sort of like Apple’s Boot Camp for UMPCs. The device appears to be about as small as the other UMPC contenders, like the Samsung Q1. Unlike the other two, however, the Shift sports a nearly full-sized finger keyboard. Nice! Other specs include 1GB RAM, a built-in HSDPA radio, and both an Intel Santa Rosa a110 processor for the Vista side, and a 400MHz processor for the Windows Mobile functions. Hit the link for Hugo’s lengthy video review, and prepare to to be dazzled. Yes. dazzled.