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How much will a 256GB iPhone 7 cost?

iPhone 7 Price Leak

iPhone 7 rumors and speculation are running rampant. The 2016 iPhone will be so “boring” this year that it won’t even be called iPhone 7, some say, because the name will be reserved for next year’s tenth anniversary iPhone. Design, specs and features are often detailed in reports, and we have a general idea of what to expect from this year’s iPhones. Apple made sure of that with a series of stories that were almost certainly planted by the company’s PR team. But how much will the new iPhone cost? Will it be cheaper than last year’s model, or will Apple stick to its typical iPhone prices?

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Apple will unveil the new iPhone 7 – yes, I’ll still call it that until something better comes along – in September, so don’t expect official prices until then. But someone posted purported iPhone 7 pricing on Weibo for three distinct iPhone models.

As PocketNow explains, the prices are in line with what Apple is currently charging for the iPhone 6s models. But the Weibo post offers a rather perplexing detail. If true, Apple might completely change storage tiers across iPhone 7 models.

Here’s an iPhone 6s vs. iPhone 7 price comparison for China, based on the Weibo leak and Apple’s current iPhone 6s prices.

  • iPhone 6s: ¥5288 (16GB), ¥6088 (64GB), ¥6888 (128GB)
  • iPhone 7: ¥5288 (32GB), ¥6088 (64GB), ¥7088 (256GB)
  • iPhone 6s Plus: ¥6088 (16GB), ¥6888 (64GB), ¥7788 (128GB)
  • iPhone 7 Plus: ¥6088 (32GB), ¥6888 (128GB), ¥7888 (256GB)
  • iPhone 7 Pro: ¥7088 (32GB), ¥7888 (128GB), ¥8888 (256GB)

The person who posted the message suggests Apple will introduce a rather complex pricing scheme for the iPhone this year. Multiple reports said there won’t be three distinct iPhone 7 versions this year, but this pricing scheme offers such a scenario.

What causes confusion is the idea that Apple would have different storage options for the 4.7-inch and the 5.5-inch iPhone 7 models, which would be a huge departure from convention and a logistical nightmare. The leak suggests there’s a 32GB/64GB/256GB setup for iPhone 7 and 32GB/128GB/256GB for the iPhone 7 Plus and Pro models. Apple would probably never go for two separate storage setups for this year’s iPhones.

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