During the most recent episode of HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher, the outspoken talk show host criticized Apple for the most unusual of reasons. All but calling Apple’s annual iPhone upgrades incremental, Maher said that if Apple truly wanted to do something innovative, they’d refrain from releasing a new iPhone every year.

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“The next time Apple wants to do something truly innovative and really think different they should try not releasing a new phone,” Maher said. “Because somebody has to teach Americans that we don’t always have to have something newer, better every year, or in the case of our upside down economic system, every quarter.”

Maher went on to say that Apple doesn’t really care about end users and only releases new products as a means to elevate its share price and appease demanding shareholders. Hardly a controversial point, Tim Cook is obligated by law to operate with the best interests of the company’s shareholders in mind.

“The only people who really need you to get a new phone every year are the shareholders,” Maher added. “But just because they need to sell it so they can [pump up] the stock price doesn’t mean you have to stand in that nerd line and buy it. You’re not early adapting. In fact, quite the opposite, you’re taking too long to catch on.”

Full video of Maher’s rant on Apple — which has quite a few pointed and hilarious jabs– can be seen below.

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