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Google is building even more AI features into Chrome – here’s what’s new

Published Jan 23rd, 2024 12:00PM EST
Google Chrome new AI features
Image: Google

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The entire technology industry — at least companies — seems to be completely bought into the AI future. Google and Microsoft seemed like they quickly fell into a battle to the death over who could integrate their AI technology into their products faster.

Today, Google is making its next move in that battle. The company has announced a number of new artificial intelligence features coming to its Chrome browser with version 121, including some generative AI features that make managing your browsing easier. Google says that all of these features are still considered experimental, so expect some goofiness.

The first new feature is called “Organize Similar Tabs,” which will use artificial intelligence to group tabs into Tab Groups automatically rather than you needing to do this manually.

Tab groups are a helpful way to manage lots of tabs, but curating them can be a pretty manual process. With Tab Organizer, Chrome will automatically suggest and create tab groups based on your open tabs. This can be particularly helpful if you’re working on several tasks in Chrome at the same time, like planning a trip, researching a topic and shopping. To use this feature, right-click on a tab and select “Organize Similar Tabs.” Chrome will even suggest names and emoji for these new groups so you can easily find them again when you need them next. 

Tab Groups in ChromeImage source: Google

Chrome already lets users customize how the browser appears to them, but now you’ll be able to generate AI-created wallpapers directly from the browser. Google says you’ll be able to generate themes based on “subject, mood, visual style, and color.”

Last year, we introduced generative AI wallpapers with Android 14 and Pixel. Now we’re bringing that same text-to-image diffusion model to Chrome so you can personalize your browser even more. You’ll be able to quickly generate custom themes based on a subject, mood, visual style and color that you choose — no need to become an AI prompt expert! To get started, visit the “Customize Chrome” side panel, click “Change theme” and then “Create with AI.” For example, maybe you’re enamored with the “aurora borealis” and want to see it in an “animated” style with a “serene” mood. Just select those options to see what Chrome comes up with. For more inspiration, check out this collection of the Chrome team’s favorite theme creations.

The last feature rolling out will allow you to use generative AI to help you write pretty much anywhere in the browser. The company says you’ll be able to “right-click a text box or field on any site you visit in Chrome and select ‘Help me write.'”

Writing on the web can be daunting, especially if you want to articulate your thoughts on public spaces or forums. So in next month’s Chrome release, we’ll launch another experimental AI-powered feature to help you write with more confidence on the web — whether you want to leave a well-written review, craft a friendly RSVP to a party or make a formal inquiry about an apartment rental. To get started, right-click a text box or field on any site you visit in Chrome and select “Help me write.” Type in a few words and our AI will jumpstart the writing process for you. 

Google says that these features are rolling out to the Chrome browser for “Macs and Windows PCs over the next few days, starting in the U.S.,” so keep an eye out for the update at some point this week if you’re running Chrome on Windows or macOS.

This isn’t the only thing rolling out this week in the world of Google. In addition to bringing new AI features to Chrome, the company is also set to launch a new Mint color for the Pixel 8 in a couple of days.

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