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The 13 best apps to download for your new Apple Watch

Updated 4 years ago

There are undoubtedly a whole lot of people who received an Apple Watch as a gift this holiday season. If you happen to be one of those people and are currently wondering what cool and fun things you can do with your device, outside of checking texts and counting steps, we’ve got you covered.

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Though the Apple Watch ecosystem got off to a slow start, the number of Apple Watch apps now available for download has skyrocketed in recent months. And though we’ve yet to see a singular killer app take hold, there are still a whole lot of thoughtfully developed and clever watchOS apps that will really help you enjoy your newfangled device to the fullest. To keep things simple, below we’ve listed out 13 of the best Apple Watch apps currently available today.

Dark Sky – $3.99

Apple’s built-in weather app gets the job done, but Dark Sky provides so much more functionality at a glance. Dark Sky’s bread and butter lies in providing precise weather details down to the minute mark. If you’re curious as to whether or not it’s going to rain in the next 20 minutes, this is the app for you.

Instagram – Free

The Apple Watch version of popular photo sharing app is actually a breeze to use. You can quickly check out what’s going on in your feed while using the Apple Watch’s digital crown to scroll through with ease.

Shazam – Free

This awesome iOS app is just as amazing on the Apple Watch. Hear a good song playing? Simply fire up Shazam on your Apple Watch and the app will let you know what it is and who sings it.

iTranslate – Free

iTranslate is an award winning app that can easily translate words, phrases and text between 90 languages. Simply speak into your Apple Watch and you can see an instant text translation. This app is free to download, but does offer in-app purchases. If you’re traveling abroad, this app is definitely worth checking out.

Uber – Free

As if Uber weren’t already convenient, the Uber app for the Apple Watch makes it easy for users to set their location, call an Uber, and track its arrival all without having to pull out their iPhones.

Fandango – Free

You can use this app to view a ‘countdown to showtime’ clock for upcoming shows you have tickets for. The app also features directions to the theater and, even more conveniently, can display your ticket QR code for quick and easy access. At Bat – Free (in-app purchases)

For any baseball fans out there, this app is a must have. If you’re familiar with the iOS version of MLB.Com At Bat, you’re likely already familiar with many of the great things it can do. Not only can the Apple Watch version give you live scores at a glance, it also provides pitch by pitch updates, highlight footage, and detailed player information.

Pocket Yoga – $2.99

You might not readily associate the Apple Watch with Yoga, but having a device on your wrist that’s capable of showing you the proper from for a pose, in addition to your current heart rate and calories burned, is a lifesaver for those interested in the practice.

Now that should be enough to get you started, but in case you’re on the look out for a few more, here are a few other Apple Watch apps that are worth exploring.

Find Near Me – Free

As the name implies, this app utilizes your current location and presents a list of nearby destinations sorted out across different categories. Whether you’re looking for the closest gas station or a nearby coffee shop, this app is definitely worth checking out.

Twitter – Free

ProCamera – $4.99

If you want to use your Apple Watch as a remote viewfinder for your iPhone, ProCamera gives you a lot more control over various camera settings.

New York TimesFree

Just Press Record – $2.99

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