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These hideous little bugs are invading California and biting people’s feet

September 3rd, 2022

Reports of tiny and aggressive isopods have been surfacing in Southern California. The “mini-shark” isopods, known officially as Excirolana chiltoni, or water-line isopods, have reportedly been attacking the feet of beachgoers visiting Mission Bay. Citizens around the area say the tiny bug-like creatures swarmed their feet when they put them in the water, biting and …

deep ocean with light coming in

These ‘zombie worms’ feed on bones deep in the ocean

August 29th, 2022

Scientists have confirmed the existence of a terrifying zombie worm that lives at the bottom of the deep sea. The worm, officially called Osedax, was originally believed to be a plant; however, scientists were left in shock when a deep-diving robot brought up samples of the specimen. The “plant” was instead a zombie worm that …

squid in ocean

Watch giant squid hunt their prey in never-before-seen video footage

August 3rd, 2022

A new video captured in the mesopelagic zone finally shows scientists how giant squids stalk and attack their prey in the deep ocean. The video is the first of its kind. Researchers used longer-wavelength red lighting to light the way for an underwater vehicle. This allowed them to capture the giant squids attacking prey without …

Solumbellula Sea Pen

Rare and freakish 8-foot-long sea creature caught on video

July 28th, 2022

Nautilus Live, the same folks behind the video captured of a shape-shifting jellyfish in 2019, has released a new video. In the new video, the team converses over footage of a rare, 8-foot-long sea creature known as a Solumbellula Sea Pen. Sightings of this oceanic creature are so rare that this is the first time …