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Living near Proxima Centauri might be impossible

The nearby star Proxima Centauri has long been considered a potential place to search for extraterrestrial life. The more we learn about the star, the more it looks like living on a planet >>

Earth’s Moon may be the reason we’re all here today

A new study suggests that Earth’s Moon may have been vital to the protection of Earth’s atmosphere early on in its development.  A sort of “lunar shield” may have protected the atmosphere long >>

If there’s life on Venus, where did it come from?

Researchers have examined various possibilities for how life may have arrived at Venus. Chemical signatures in the atmosphere suggest the possibility of life, but no confirmation has been made. One possibility is that >>

There’s another ocean world in our solar system

Researchers say they’ve found evidence of recent activity on the surface of the dwarf planet Ceres that suggests there’s water beneath the surface. If Ceres has a vast ocean beneath its icy crust >>