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Life News

Is lightning the reason that life exists on Earth?

Based on what we know about the history of Earth, life is thought to have taken root here somewhere around 4 billion years ago, give it take a few hundred million years. That’s >>

New research shows death isn’t ‘like flipping a switch’

Scientists studying the nuances of human death have struggled with defining when death actually happens and when a person has crossed the threshold, making death an inevitability. New research reveals that end-of-life care >>

Theory of life on Venus just got absolutely destroyed

Findings of what was thought to be phosphine in the atmosphere of Venus sparked debate over the possibility of life existing on the harsh planet. Now, a new research report offers an explanation >>

Are there aliens hiding around Uranus?

We have yet to find evidence of life outside of Earth, but it may still be hiding within our own solar system. Scientists say that the ingredients for life may exist on some >>

If you’re eager to find aliens, this is great news

A new study suggests that habitable exoplanets may be plentiful in our home galaxy, The Milky Way. Researchers crunched data on thousands of exoplanets that were discovered using NASA’s Kepler space telescope. Unfortunately >>