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FBI News, page 2

The FBI will be on the front line of any future hacking wars

In an announcement today, President Obama unveiled his new policy for handling “cyber incidents.” It’s different from Future President Trump’s opinions on “the cybers,” mostly because there’s some actual plans in there. Most >>

What the FBI found on the San Bernardino iPhone

The locked iPhone 5c belonging to one of the San Bernardino shooters is one of the best-known iPhones in the world thanks to the FBI vs. Apple fight over encryption that we’ve witness >>

Can the FBI already hack newer iPhones?

Late last week we found out that the FBI can’t hack Apple’s latest iPhones. In fact, according to its director, the tool used to extract information from the San Bernardino iPhone 5c can’t >>

The FBI can’t hack the iPhone 6s

The FBI withdrew its assault on iPhone encryption after it managed to hack its way into the San Bernardino iPhone. Soon after that, the agency notified other law enforcement officials across the country >>