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Bandwidth News

Comcast admits its 300GB data cap serves no technical purpose

Say what you will about Comcast and their customer service, but the company does provide the fastest internet speeds amongst all nationwide ISPs. As we highlighted earlier this month, Comcast Xfinity delivers an average >>

More than half of Internet traffic is ‘non-human’

A new study suggests that more than half of all Internet traffic is generated by non-human sources such as hacking software, scrapers and automated spam mechanisms. The majority of this non-human traffic, according >>

Does 4G really matter?

4G. It’s everywhere. It’s on the tech sites you read. It’s on the televisions you watch. It’s plastered in advertisements all over the city streets you walk. It was probably in the sandwich >>

Court of Appeals rules FCC cannot impose net neutrality

The net neutrality movement received a huge blow today when the US Court of Appeals sided with Comcast in its claim that the Federal Communications Commission lacks legal authority to demand ISPs shape >>

Comcast announces bandwidth throttling in FCC filing

As part of the sanction by the FCC for its package hijacking of BitTorrent traffic, Comcast was ordered to file a new network management plan with the FCC by midnight Friday. Comcast complied >>

Comcast 250 GB Cap Coming on October 1st

Directly inline with rumors that made their way around the web a few months ago, Comcast has confirmed that it will employ a residential consumer bandwidth cap beginning October 1st of this year. >>