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Need to unplug? This site will help you delete yourself from the internet

Published Nov 28th, 2016 9:21PM EST
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The internet can be a pretty gross place when you really sit back and take it all in. There’s lots of hate floating around out there, not to mention people who want to steal your information, flood your phone and computer with ads, or just plain ruin your life for the fun of it. If you find yourself fed up with the internet as a whole, a new site will do its best to delete you from it.

It’s called, and it’s actually pretty good at what it does. Using your Google login information, the site provides a massive list of all the accounts you’ve created anywhere on the web. It doesn’t matter how old the account is or whether you haven’t logged in for years, they’ll all be there. 

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The vast majority of accounts are paired with a link to the account deletion page of each specific website, so you can click right through and remove your digital presence forever. As you go through your queue of open accounts, you can mark them as “keep” or add them to your list of to-be-deleted profiles. Once you’ve conquered your queue you can just hop into each account deletion page and scrub the web of your existence.

You’ll probably be shocked by the number of accounts you actually have out there. I was expecting a few dozen when I first logged in to the tool, but instead was faced with a list of 122 different accounts. Needless to say, I’ll be spending some time axing any of them that aren’t crucial.

In an effort to protect user privacy — since that’s kind of what is built for to begin with — none of the actual account matching is done online. Instead, that entire process takes place on your computer, and the site simply manages the account status list and provides the Google OAuth login. is a neat little app, but it’s important to keep in mind that any accounts you created without a Google email won’t actually show up. If you have some ancient Yahoo, MSN, or Hotmail addresses floating around out there, this tool won’t be able to detect those.


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