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Jeff Bezos bans space pooping and space barfing on Blue Origin

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If you’re one of the very, very wealthy individuals considering dropping a big chunk of change on the chance to fly into space aboard Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin spacecraft you’ll be very interested to hear that there will be some pretty strict requirements when it comes to bodily function. As reports, pooping, peeing, and puking are all off the table for would-be space tourists aboard Blue Origin.

Speaking at the 33rd annual Space Symposium, Bezos revealed that, due to the relatively short nature of a Blue Origin trip, the company won’t worry about things like bathroom breaks or bouts of vomiting.

“Go to the bathroom in advance,” Bezos told attendees. “The whole thing, from boarding until you’re back on the ground, is probably 40 or 41 minutes. So you’re going to be fine. You could dehydrate ever so slightly if you have a weak bladder.”

About three-quarters of those 41 minutes will be spent on the ground, waiting for takeoff to commence, with the actual space trip wrapping up in roughly 11 minutes, with just four minutes of actual weightlessness. According to Bezos, that short jaunt in zero gravity won’t be enough to prompt much, if any, stomach discomfort.

“[Space travelers] don’t throw up right away,” Bezos claimed. “We’re not going to worry about it. It’s a delayed effect, and this journey takes 10 or 11 minutes. So you’re going to be fine.” Whatever you do, don’t eat a big breakfast on the morning of your trip, or you might regret it.



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