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Here’s what the inside of Blue Origin’s space capsule for tourists will look like

Published Mar 29th, 2017 9:02PM EDT
blue origin capsule
Image: Blue Origin

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With companies like SpaceX and Blue Origin creeping ever closer to offering everyday people — very, very rich people — a chance to visit space just for kicks, we know that space tourism will be a reality sooner or later. But you can’t expect someone to pay a huge sum of money to fly into the great unknown in a tin can, right? Space travel needs to be a luxury experience if it’s going to attract elite clientele, and with that in mind Jeff Bezos just showed off what the inside of Blue Origin’s passenger space capsule will look like, and boy is it fancy.

The capsule, which is part of Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket program which aims to shoot brave tourists and thrill seekers into space for a brief jaunt in weightlessness and some pretty fantastic scenery. Inside are some pretty comfy looking seats which recline to provide a comfortable ride during launch, and are lined in the company’s signature shade of blue.

There’s also a display next to each seat and a huge window, which is really the key to the entire experience. Bezos says they’re “the largest windows ever in space,” and that’s a pretty impressive feat, all things considered. There’s not a whole lot else going on in the passenger compartment, but that’s probably not much of an issue since anyone who pays the high price for the privilege of riding a rocket into space isn’t going to care that there aren’t games or in-flight movies.