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These popular supplements are tainted with Viagra, so throw them out

Published May 20th, 2021 10:33AM EDT
supplement recall
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By now you’ve no doubt seen the trend in off-brand “male enhancement” supplement pills coming to the United States from overseas. The pills are often sold online or in places you wouldn’t normally trust to be dispensing dietary supplements, like a gas station checkout, but they managed to find buyers all the same. Some of them really do work, and often work shockingly well despite their claims of “all-natural” ingredients with no actual drugs. Unfortunately, they all seem to be lying, and the FDA has cracked down on these companies in a major way. Now, we have another one. No, sorry, we have another three.

PremierZen Gold 7000, Premier Zen Platinum 8000, and MaxxZen Platinum 12000 are all being recalled because — surprise, surprise — these “all-natural” supplements actually contain both sildenafil and tadalafil. Those are the active ingredients in both Viagra and Cialis, respectively, and they’re controls substances that require a prescription. Since the 17-year-old gas station attendant can’t prescribe pills, these supplements are now being recalled.

You’ve heard this story before. The pills contain prescription drugs and the company is playing dumb and “voluntarily” recalling all lots of the pills sold anywhere in the United States or online. The “Zen” brands — which aren’t really brands but just a name that the sketchy sellers of these pills use temporarily before switching to a new, equally ridiculous naming scheme — have all seen recalls over the past few months, so just assume that anything with a similar name is also a Viagra or Cialis rip-off that could kill you if you take it.

In this particular case, the seller that is at the center of the recall is an eBay merchant named Annie Cho. She goes by the handle Miracle8989 and apparently sells a lot of these pills. Again, if you’re turning to a place like eBay to treat a real medical condition, you’re setting yourself up for disaster.

The drugs contained in these pills are controlled for a reason. There are very real risks associated with them, including severe heart conditions and the risk of death if they are taken without the supervision of an actual doctor.

The seller claims she hasn’t received any reports of adverse effects from the knockoff pills, but let’s be honest, she wouldn’t admit if she had. She’s a scammer selling Viagra and Cialis under a different name through an eBay account and she should probably be in prison.

In any case, here’s her contact information if you have any questions for her, or just want to let her know that selling prescription drugs on eBay to make a quick buck is putting lives at risk:

Consumers with questions regarding this recall can contact Annie Cho from Miracle8989 at 972-799-0080, Monday – Friday from 09:00 – 17:00 CST or e-mail Consumers should contact their physician or healthcare provider if they have experienced any problems that may be related to taking or using this drug product.

If you have a medical problem, see a medical doctor. Stay safe out there.