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JetSmarter SharedCharter is the best way to fly privately for the least cost

Updated Oct 9th, 2017 4:19PM EDT

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For those with an interest in chartering private jets for business or pleasure, industry leader JetSmarter has found a way to cut costs with its one-of-a-kind SharedCharter service, allowing even more travelers to charter flights whenever, and wherever they need.

In the wild and exuberant world of private jet chartering, JetSmarter is forging a new way to fly with efficiency and affordability. The service’s goal has been to revolutionize the private jet and chartering industry, bringing more control and customization to the customer. While the ability to tap a button and ordering a private jet sounds like something James Bond would have had at his disposal back in the golden days, chartering a plane is easy to do and available to anyone with the JetSmarter app and membership.

The option to create an “on-demand” charter is available to all paying members, though some may not want to splurge on chartering an entire plane alone. That’s where the Shared Charter service comes in.

With Shared Charter, JetSmarter members can create a customized charter flight for their itinerary and offer the unused seats to other members heading to the same destination. When the seats are filled, JetSmarter passes the savings to the charter creator and reimburses him or her with flight credit that can be used on any JetSmarter flight. Additionally, this service offers more destinations to “seat finders” who are interested in the same destination as the charter creator. It’s what we call a classic “win-win.”

To create a Shared Charter flight, the charter creator starts with a blank slate and can choose the aircraft, the destination, the date, and the time. Depending on the route created, JetSmarter either asks the creator to purchase the seat minimum for chartering, or immediately puts the available seats for sale to offer greater savings to the charter creator. For those with an “Instant Booking” badge beside them, the flight and price paid at the time a charter is generated are guaranteed by JetSmarter.

About JetSmarter

The “Uber of private jets” co-opted the concepts that made vehicle sharing services take off and applied them to the chartering industry, along with their own market innovations. The app and all of its benefits are strictly member-only. JetSmarter membership rates are actually increasing soon due to demand, but JetSmarter has offered BGR readers $500 in flight credit if they sign up using the code BGR17. The JetSmarter member can use the iOS or Android app to reserve seats on over 50 predetermined routes across the United States, Europe, and the Middle-East, and can order an “on-demand” flight to anywhere on Earth. Those who don’t want to charter an entire plane can go with Shared Charter to choose only the seats they want and allow the others to be sold to like-minded members.

If you’re looking for the luxury of chartered flight at a discounted price, as well as the opportunity to network with any number of unique JetSmarter members, Shared Charter is the best option in the flight chartering market. Just remember to use code BGR17 when you sign up in order to get the exclusive $500 flight credit.

Other services offered by JetSmarter include Private Charters, which are the most flexible flying option; Jet Shuttles, which are regularly scheduled routes that can be booked far in advance; and Jet Deals that offer spontaneous empty-leg deals and provide maximum savings for the flexible traveller. If you already make multiple commercial flights a month and could handle a bit more luxury in your life, it’s definitely worth downloading the free app and checking out what JetSmarter has to offer.

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