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Watching an eagle take down a fox through a GoPro is as awesome as it sounds

Published Mar 5th, 2017 12:00PM EST
GoPro eagle fox

GoPro is good at capturing unique experiences from unique perspectives. Sometimes, it requires a bunch of high-tech solutions like a custom drone or a team of photographers.

Other times, it’s as simple as strapping a tiny cube to the back of a bird of prey, letting it loose, and editing the result.

This short video shows the Burkitshi in eastern Mongolia, who use eagles to hunt. The short is an excerpt from the full fifteen-minute film, which is available here.

There’s extensive behind-the-scenes footage available as well, which shows exactly what GoPro had to go through to make the movie. As the filmmakers explain, it all started as the result of one photo. They saw a jaw-dropping picture of eagle hunting, and decided to go find the bigger story. Three filmmakers made up the entire crew, which let them move faster and embed deeper than taking an entire documentary team.

The interesting part is how easy the camera was to attach to the eagle. Even getting a GoPro on my dog requires a special harness and 20 minutes of treats, but it seems like putting the camera on a flesh-eating bird of prey is basically just about snapping a collar on.