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Man with gun arrested on Google campus insisted Google was watching him

Google Campus Attack

In the middle of the night on June 30th, an Oakland resident by the name of Raul Murillo Diaz was arrested after he was found driving through an empty parking lot on the Google campus in Mountain View, California. After pulling him over, police found a gun and materials that could be used to build a bomb in his car.

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This isn’t the first time the man has been involved in an incident on Google’s campus either. According to CNNMoney, Diaz was previously charged with malicious damage by use of explosive when he was caught throwing Molotov cocktails at a parked Google Street View vehicle on May 19th of this year.

There were also two separate incidents in which no one has yet been charged, but for which Diaz is now being investigated. On June 4th, around 11:30 PM, someone shot out the windows of a Google building. And on June 10th, a self-driving car (which wasn’t actually Google’s) was destroyed in a fire.

So what exactly does Diaz have against Google?

Diaz believes that Google is watching him. In fact, he even admitted that he keeps a journal which details all of the times that he realized he was being watched, and he specifically mentioned Google CEO Larry Page during an interview.

Not only did Diaz confess to his involvement in previous incidents while giving his statement, he also admitted that he planned to shoot at a Google building once again before he was arrested.

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