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Brand new Ford cars found packed with marijuana… again

Updated 6 years ago
ford marijuana
Image: Bob Doran

If you’re in the market for a new vehicle you have a seemingly endless number of cars, trucks, SUVs, and crossovers to choose from. If you fancy a shiny new ride that has been used in a drug smuggling operation, hauling hundreds of pounds of marijuana across the border from Mexico into the United States, you’re options are a bit more limited, but Ford has you covered. In the latest episode of what is becoming a troubling-but-hilarious trend for the automotive brand, Ford rail cars packed with new vehicles headed into the US were found to be full of pot — 277 pounds of it, to be exact.

The marijuana was discovered by Ford employees who alerted US customs officials, but the company insists that it can’t figure out where the weed came from or who loaded it into their new car shipment. “We are taking this very seriously,” Ford said in a statement. “We are working closely with a number of law enforcement agencies on this investigation, including the FBI, Customs, Department of Homeland Security and local police. We cannot comment further as this is an active investigation.”

What’s particularly funny about all of this is that it’s not even close to being the first time Ford has had to deal with pot-packed vehicles. Not even two weeks ago, a full $1 million worth of marijuana was discovered inside of new Ford Fusion cars bound for Ohio from Mexico, and earlier this year a whopping $1.4 million worth of pot was found in the spare tire compartment of new Ford Fusions also coming from Mexico.

Ford maintains that the pot isn’t being packed into their cars at its manufacturing locations or the shipping yards where the vehicles are loaded for transport, suggesting that the shipments are stopping along the way and being crammed full of weed at some other location. Whatever the case, the smuggling operation has to be rather huge if the smugglers can regularly lose millions of dollars worth of pot and still feel confident in repeatedly sending more of it in Ford’s new vehicles.