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World’s Highest Hammock is Mesmerizing and Frightening

Updated Dec 19th, 2018 9:01PM EST
World's Highest Hammock

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When you think about lying comfortably in a hammock, odds are, you’re not thinking about being suspended 492 feet in the air over a canyon. But for solely fueled by adrenaline, that’s exactly the type of activity that passes for a relaxing Saturday afternoon activity.

The photo above is a makeshift hammock, otherwise known as a “pentagon space net.” Located above a canyon outside of Moab, Utah, the hammock, for a 1-week period in 2014, was suspended 213 feet away from the nearest piece of solid land, essentially leaving visitors quite literally in the middle of nowhere.

Looking at the hammock begs the question — just how did anyone manage to get to it in the first place?

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Answering that question, RedBull notes:

Access to the totally legal (yes, they checked) space net was one of three ways: Cable-car sling (for most), slackline walk (for some) or skydive...

Perhaps not surprisingly, the hammock proved to be quite the hit with base jumpers, as evidenced by the videos below.

Again, this is not for the faint of heart.

As for the materials involved in the hammock’s construction, here’s what went into it.

First, it involved a lot of material. It was suspended by five double-stacked slacklines totalling over 1,969 feet in length. The net itself required two 230-foot climbing ropes, 197 feet of line for the “ring” and 16,404 feet of paracord.

When the dust settled, getting the hammock up and running cost a cool $50,000. During the one week or so period that the hammock remained operational, over 250 daredevils paid it a visit.

Clearly, some men are braver than others.

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