We recently told you how to fight back against your ISP by purchasing your own modem instead of paying ridiculous fees each month to rent one. Well, the same applies with your cable or satellite box, but they’re typically much more expensive and more difficult to come by. For a limited time, however, Amazon is offering a solid deal on an alternative solution that won’t be a good fit for everyone, but it’ll definitely get the job done for many users.

From now through August 21st, Amazon is offering a big 35% discount on the Actiontec My Wireless TV WiFi / HDMI Multi-Room Wireless HD Video Kit. Using this kit, you can wirelessly transmit high-definition video from one box to any other TV in your house. It also includes an infrared transmitter so you can control the source box remotely, but therein lies the rub: both TVs will always be watching the same thing.

This is a great solution for people who live alone though, and it stands to save you $100 or even more each year since you won’t have to rent another box from your cable or satellite TV company. Remember though this deal ends on August 21st.

Actiontec My Wireless TV WiFi / HDMI Multi-Room Wireless HD Video Kit, $149.99 with free Prime shipping