Microsoft (MSFT) is taking a big gamble with Windows 8. Right off the bat, Windows 8 looks nothing like its predecessors. The tried-and-tested Start menu and desktop is gone (at least on the RT version) and in its place is a tile-based home screen that displays apps and notifications. Microsoft has said before that Windows 8 is a complete overhaul of its Windows operating system — and it is. But even if over 1 million people downloaded the Consumer Preview version of Windows 8, it doesn’t mean they like the changes made. In fact, a survey of 50,000 Windows 8 users polled over at ForumsWindows8 revealed that 53% of them still prefer Windows 7 over Microsoft’s new version of Windows.

Now, that doesn’t mean Windows 8 is going to be a flop — its reception can go either way (although gamers might be turned off).

Those polled in the survey also praised Windows 8 for its fast boot-up and shutdown times, easy installation and Internet Explorer 10, while the most disliked features included price, system requirements and incompatibility issues.

Windows 8 launches on October 26th.

[Via TechWeekEurope]


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