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Mac user installs Windows 10 and he can’t stop raving about it

Published Aug 20th, 2015 1:55PM EDT
Windows 10 Vs. Mac Comparison
Image: Alex King

One obvious reason that Windows 8 was such a disaster for Microsoft was that a lot of longtime Windows users absolutely hated it. To express their frustrations with Windows 8, many of these users either switched back to Windows 7 or changed computing platforms all together by switching to Macs. One such person was Vivek Wadhwa, the director of research at Center for Entrepreneurship and Research Commercialization at Duke, who fled Windows 8 in terror for Apple before giving Microsoft another shot with Windows 10.

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Writing in The Washington Post, Wadhwa explains that he recently installed Windows 10 onto his MacBook and found it to be a night-and-day difference from Windows 8.

“I had thought I would never install a Microsoft operating system ever again after my experience with Windows 8,” he writes. “But [Windows 10] has been an incredibly positive experience… The best part is Windows 10 itself: it is a beautifully designed operating system that gives me the best of the past and present — maintaining the usability and familiarity of the old Windows operating system.”

Wadhwa hedges a bit and says that anyone installing Windows 10 really needs to change its default settings to prevent Microsoft from spying on everything you do, but overall he says that Windows 10 is a triumph that shows “Microsoft is back — in full force.”

Check out his full impressions of Windows 10 here.

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