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Microsoft still doesn’t want to say what Windows 10 will eventually cost you

May 1st, 2015 at 7:45 AM
Windows 10 Download Upgrade Price After Launch

Microsoft will let current Windows users who are rocking at least a version of Windows 7 on their computers upgrade free of charge to Windows 10 in the first year after the new operating system launches. However, the company still doesn’t want to say what it’ll cost to get Windows 10 after that – or anything else related to pricing schemes in the future for following updates. As CNET reports, Microsoft is more interested in having as many people jump on Windows 10, and it’s doing so by making this major OS update available as a free download to millions of users.

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At least that’s what Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore said during the company’s Build 2015 press event on Thursday. The company’s primary concern is delivering Windows 10 to as many customers as fast as possible after launch.

When asked how people get the OS after the first year, he candidly said he doesn’t know. He did say that Windows 10 will operate in the future “pretty similar to the model you see with phones,” without revealing more details.

Belfiore also added that users who update for free will still get “new features and benefits for a long, long time,” including application and full OS updates.

Windows 10 for phones, which will also be available as a free download for many existing Windows phones, will not be launched at the same time with the desktop version this summer, the exec also revealed.

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