You didn’t really think Comcast was going to let Time Warner Cable’s attempts to steal away some of its bad press go unchallenged, did you? Ars Technica has another great scoop about a Comcast customer who called in to complain about the company’s experimental data caps only to be told that these caps were “mandated by the law.”

FROM EARLIER: Time Warner Cable out-Comcasts Comcast, calls customer a ‘c**t’ in letter

“Your outrageous data usage plan that is completely archaic and unnecessary,” the customer complained in a conversation that he recorded and posted online. “I am apparently in a trial market for it, it’s not everyrwhere, and I’ve been getting charged for going over my data cap and I’m going to find somewhere where that’s not going to happen to me.”

“I understand,” the Comcast rep replied. “But every Internet service provider has [a] data cap. It is mandated by the law.”

You can hear the audio for yourself here:

Comcast has clarified that data caps on its services are not mandated by law, which was good of it to do. In fact, Comcast is actually only trying out data caps in select markets to see whether its customer base will be pliant enough to allow it to implement them on a broader basis across the whole country.

However, things like this are part of a bigger problem for the company where its customer service representatives will tell you things about the company’s policies that are either flat-out wrong or are completely contradictory from one rep to another. If you talk to a Comcast rep long enough, they’re likely to tell you that the company believes NASA faked the moon landings or that it believes Hitler and Elvis are still alive and hanging out somewhere in Argentina.

At any rate, you should check out Ars’s full report on this new debacle by clicking here.

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