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Comcast ends 2014 with one last epic customer service call debacle

Published Dec 30th, 2014 4:45PM EST
Why Is Comcast So Bad

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One of the amazing things about Comcast’s infamously terrible customer service is that you will get told two completely different and contradictory things by different customer representatives. We have absolutely no idea why Comcast has difficulty implementing consistent policies and practices for how to handle customers but it generates some truly Kafkaesque scenarios in which customers are shuffled through six different representatives who all tell customers things that are wildly at odds with one another.

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The latest major Comcast customer service blunder comes to us courtesy of YouTube user Sweetlethargy, who signed up for a promotion with Comcast in which a customer service representative told him that he could lock in a low rate for his service for a full 12 months. When he found his bill unexpectedly increased after only three months, he called Comcast to get an explanation.

A different Comcast customer service rep proceeded to explain that the promotion he signed up for was only supposed to last for three months and not 12. Unfortunately for Comcast, the customer had recorded and saved the call from earlier this year in which the representative clearly explained that the offer would “guarantee that your price wouldn’t change for 12 months.”

Despite this, however, the Comcast rep refused to lower his price back down to his promised monthly rate because the 12-month promotion that Comcast promised him earlier this year apparently never existed. The customer then expressed indignation at the fact that he feels compelled to record every interaction with the company because it’s the only way he’ll have records of all the vastly different things he gets told by different representatives.

“I have the call recorded and I don’t think that should be something the customer has to do — record every interaction with the bills that they’re paying,” he told the Comcast rep at one point.

Watch the full video depicting his call below, although be warned that it’s extremely painful to listen to after about 5 minutes.

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