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White iPhone 4 spotted, explained?

Blog Pocket-lint managed to bird-dog a jacketed-gentlemen at a New York City press event carrying a white iPhone 4. The albino iPhone was promised way back in June, but has yet to actually be released by iMaker Apple, Inc. The publication queried said iPhone user as to how he came to acquire the seemingly un-acquirable and his responses were quite candid. According to the anonymous man in the suede jacket, Apple has hordes of white iPhone 4s in their Cupertino headquarters; the iPhone-owner has a friend who works for Apple who managed to pick one up for him. The person went on to say that the reason the iPhone 4 is so back-logged is due to the fact that the white paint used on the “home” button and the white paint used on the case of the iPhone 4 do not match. Apple will not release the product as is. Sad for all those iPeople that love white phones. We’ve reached out to Apple for comment and will update the article if they respond.