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The Internet weighs around 450.5 billion kilograms?

Updated 4 years ago

This is just too weird not to post. CNET UK has reported that the Internet has a weight, and by taking the sum total of all peripherals, computers, etc. you can actually formulate a number. So what do the intertubes weight? 498,438,559,990 kilograms to be exact. About 570,937,778 computers are connected to the Internet and are being estimated to weigh in at 22.83 billion kg, while 175,480,931 servers are said to weigh in at 1.75 billion kg. The reported weight also includes 6.075 million kg in iPhones, 6.8 million kg in BlackBerrys, and 87 million kg in cables. Somehow virus’ made the list with a weigh of 287,524 kg — huh? Now, we’re not sure how accurate their estimates are but they describe their report as both “precise” and “scientific.” We’ll let you guys scientifically hash out how precise the numbers are in the comments.