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The HTC Legend: we want it now

Updated Dec 19th, 2018 6:30PM EST

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We admit it — we’re the most vain group of smartphone lovers on the planet. A phone can have mind boggling specs and every feature we’ve ever dreamed of, but unless it has some sex appeal, the odds of us ever rocking it in public are slim to none. A lot of times when a handset’s specs leak out we get really excited only to have our hopes quashed by a hideously ugly design. With the HTC Legend, we saw some amazing specs but a picture that left us, well, a little unmoved. The very same styling queues that made the original HTC Hero so sexy seemed now to look so forced, so lifeless. But all of a sudden we have a higher quality render to judge look at thanks to blog and we have to admit our interest in the device has skyrocketed. In our review of the Hero, we ultimately concluded that the more we played with the Hero, the more we longed for the Magic/myTouch 3G because they simply worked. But now that the Hero has been beefed up with a speedier processor, given a gorgeous facelift with a sexy AMOLED display and metal chasis to boot, ditched the trackball and, perhaps more importantly for some, been blessed with an honest to goodness flash for the camera, all of the complains that we had about the original Hero look to have been hunted down and wiped out. We can’t help but think how sweet it would be to be able to hibernate through winter so that March comes that much sooner.