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Watch a Tesla Model S hold its own in a drag race against a $250,000 McLaren 650S Spider

Tesla Vs McLaren Drag Race

When it comes to speed, Elon Musk and Tesla do not play around. Even Tesla detractors who aren’t fans of the company can’t help but admit and admire the fact that Tesla cars are insanely and impressively fast. Indeed, a completely tricked out performance model Tesla — the Tesla Model S P90D in Ludicrous Mode — is one of the fastest production cars in terms of 0-60 speed out on the market.

But what happens when a Tesla goes head to head with a legit super car, say a McLaren 650S Spider? Nothing but a whole a lot of fun and excitement, that’s what.

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Recently, the folks over at Autocar matched up Tesla’s newly redesigned Tesla Model S P85D against a McLaren and posted the video for our viewing enjoyment. Now to be fair, it’s not exactly a fair matchup given that a McLaren 650S Spider costs upwards of $250,000, which is more than double the cost of what you’re likely to pay for a top of the line Model S.

But hey, when it comes to drag racing videos, part of the fun is matching up cars that have no business racing each other in the first place. Now it’s worth noting that this matchup isn’t fair for another reason: the race takes place on a wet track. As many viewers of the video have pointed out, Tesla’s AWD has a distinct advantage over the McLaren’s RWD. Suffice it to say, if this race had gone down on a completely dry track, the Model S would have been blown out the water.

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