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T-Mobile Google Android G1 event, we’re live

Updated Dec 19th, 2018 6:04PM EST

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9:57 AM: Alright folks, we’re on the ground and ready to rock. Hit the jump for the rest of the updates!

10:18 AM: We’re in!

10:21 AM: Is it just me or does this music suck?

10:23 AM: This shindig is starting in 7 minutes, people. Get ready!

10:25 AM: Oh great. Our brand new Dell Latitude XT just BSOD’d like 8 times. Thanks, Dell!!!

10:27 AM: Everything is all set up and music is stopping…

10:30 AM: And we’re starting!

10:31 AM: Christoper isn’t funny…

10:34 AM: I’m sorry, I zoned out… Is someone still on stage?

10:36 AM: Andy Ruben is on stage talking about how open Android is.

10:38 AM: Nice, Peter Chou is on stage from HTC now. He’s congratulating the team on the Android “vision, strategy and execution.”

10:39 AM: “HTC has worked with Google and T-Mobile to develop unique iconic design.” His quotes, folks.

10:42 AM: Here it is, guys. The official G1. Video!

10:45 AM: They are showing an in-depth video of the G1 now after that had sexy photo time with the phone on stage.

10:48 AM: Still playing this in-depth video, but there’s GTalk! Holla! Also you can open multiple web pages… nice.

10:51 AM: They keep reinforcing this is open, and 3rd parties will “drive the innovation of the mobile internet.”

10:52 AM: Another video…

10:54 AM: I need a cigarette.

10:55 AM: Here are some 3rd party partners. First one is an app that let’s you track your carbon footprint. Another one is a barcode scanner.. boo! That shizz has been around for years. Anyone remember the catmouse scanner thingy?

10:56 AM: Ok so now, there are microphones going out. Question time!

10:57 AM: Pricing is $179 with a 2-year. Existing customers can order online today. Launch date is October 22nd. There will be a $25 unlimited data with “some” messaging, and $35 unlimited everything plan.

10:58 AM: By middle of November, 17 markets will be 3G hotness.

10:59 AM: Early November in U.K. and across Europe in early 2009.

11:00 AM: Google has a “pretty focused” roadmap and they’re looking forward to the future.

11:00 AM: Peter Chou just said something. Sorry. But. This. Is. Boring.

11:00 AM: Semi-decent question from some chick. No tethering, and the cool $25 data plan requires a voice plan.

11:01 AM: Any Microsoft Office document support and Exchange support? 3rd party devs will be the Exchange supporters so that’s cool at least. Roadsync, get at us!!!! And it is SIM locked to T-Mobile.

11:02 AM: Gmail is push on here.

11:03 AM: Desktop app for syncing everything? Nope, not initially. Everything happens over the network.

11:04 AM: It will be available outside 3G markets, but you’ll have to order it online. Plus, it does have Wi-Fi, BITCHEZ.

11:06 AM: Nice Sergey And Larry are here!

11:18 AM: Sorry but you sick Android freaks overloaded our servers. It’s hands on time now, back in a bit!

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