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T-Mobile ditches 5GB data plan cap…sort of

Updated 4 years ago

FierceWireless is reporting that U.S. cellular provider T-Mobile will no longer be hitting smartphone users with overage charges if they go over the 5GB monthly quota set on most data plans. However…the company did say it would, “throttle users’ speeds if they exceed that limit.” Details on the what a “throttled” user can expect to see for speeds where not divulged; although, we think wireless data at slower speeds beats the heck out of an astronomical phone bill. T-Mo also announced that those users with a 250MB monthly data plan will now be charged $0.10/MB for overages of their monthly allowance, a 50% reduction from the previous rate of $0.20/MB. Not earth shattering stuff, but definitely something that earns a little consumer karma for the #4 carrier in the States. Let us know what you think about the move in the comments.Read