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Science has found an insanely simple way to remove the song that’s stuck in your head

Song Stuck in Head: How to Remove

Are you tired of hearing the same song in your head when you should be doing something else? Apparently, there’s a remedy for your problem that’s easier and cheaper than you’d expect. And no, it’s not a drug you’d need a prescription for.

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Researchers from the University of Reading have found that chewing boring bubble gum will be enough to actually unstick songs from your head. Apparently, the repeated movement of chewing gum combined with the action of your jaw disrupts the pathways that run from your ear to your brain, and thus help dissipate the music track that’s stuck to your head.

Therefore, the next time you find yourself fighting with an annoyingly catchy song that’s on loop in your head, just go ahead and buy a pack of gum and start chewing.

On top of fighting unwanted songs, chewing gum has been found to have other effects on the brain, both good and bad ones. Chewing gum can reduce cortisol levels (which can measure stress), and anxiety. Chewing gum before a test is also beneficial, as it may warm up the brain. Forbes notes that chewing gum for 20 minutes, “is on par with mild exercise in terms of sending more blood to the brain.”

More details about the music-blocking chewing gum study are available at the source link.

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