It’s one thing to climb on top of famous skyscrapers or landmarks to watch the incredible scenery. It’s something entirely different to just climb on the tallest building you can find and perform death-defying tricks on top of it. While most people do the former thing, some bold Russians are actually more into the death-defying business and have created amazingly scary videos of their terrifying accomplishments.

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Such is the case of OlegCricket and Ilya Bagaev, who aren’t scared of performing some fantastic tricks at crazy heights with total disregard for their personal safety. Somersaults, jumping on the edge of a building or hanging off the edge of a 40-story building are just some of the things you’ll see in the following video, which might leave you utterly nauseated.

“Pseudonymous OlegCricket can be seen hanging from his friend’s arm, swinging back and forth with nothing to catch him if he falls,” YouTube channel Cater Clips writes. “At one point in the breath-taking footage, Oleg, from Russia, can be seen running from side to side, using the building’s facade for traction. The footage was shot in Yekaterinburg, Russia, with Oleg claiming he had complete faith in his friend, Ilya Bagaev, not to drop him.”

Check the full clip below.

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