The new console generation is barely a year old, but it’s already time to start considering how Sony and Microsoft are going to refresh the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One in the coming months. As in previous generations, we should expect to see some slimmer, sleeker models with improved functionality, but what will they do that our current models don’t?

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According to Netflix, they’ll support 4K resolution.

As originally reported by The Huffington Post during CES 2015, Netflix’s Chief Product Officer Neil Hunt said that Sony had “promised” a hardware revision for the PS4 that would include 4K capability.

Forbes wanted to dig a little deeper this week, but Netflix was unwilling to share any more hard information about the supposed promise.

“Netflix did, though, provide more detail on the thought processes Hunt was alluding to during the CES press conference,” writes Forbes’ John Archer. “Namely that he believes that when both the PS4 and Xbox One consoles do their traditional two-year hardware refresh (which would be due around October or November) they will add the necessary components to deliver 4K video playback.”

Sony and Microsoft both declined to comment on any impending hardware revisions when Archer got in touch, but that was to be expected. Regardless, we’d be surprised not to see improved models of the new consoles before the end of the year. And 4K support might be just the tip of the iceberg.

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