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Sony’s biggest PS4 update yet has been a complete disaster

Updated Nov 4th, 2014 8:36AM EST
PS4 2.0 Update Issues

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The latest firmware update for the PS4 has been a long time coming, but now that it’s available, most users are probably wishing that Sony had spent more time working out the kinks. Shortly after version 2.0 went live last Friday, reports began to spread that the newly dubbed Rest Mode (taking the place of Standby Mode) was putting PS4 consoles into such a deep sleep that they couldn’t be woken up.

In order to turn the console off after entering Rest Mode, you would need to unplug the PS4 from its power source, something that Sony explicitly warns against in the literature that comes with the console. Oddly, it appears to be the only solution, prompting a safety check went the system boots up again to ensure the system files weren’t affected.

UPDATE: It’s worth noting (as several commenters have pointed out) that Sony has provided a second, safer solution for the Rest Mode issue which involves booting up in Safe Mode and selecting the option that says “Update System Software.” This will reinstall the 2.0 update, supposedly fixing the problem, but I have done this twice to no avail. It’s worth a shot if you’re running into problems.

Share Play is one of the most interesting features included in the update, allowing your friends to take control of your game from the comfort of their own couches, but you might want to wait to test it out. It’s been reported that it is possible to access and delete the host’s files while in Share Play, so if you have any doubts about who your true friends are, keep your PS4 to yourself for now.

The issues have affected software as well — 2K was forced to postpone and eventually extend the Evolve Big Alpha this weekend for PS4 owners after the PS4 version of the game was found to be broken. 2K eventually got the servers up and working, but not before thousands of annoyed PS4 owners sounded off on Twitter, trying to decide whether to blame 2K or Sony. It’s worth noting that although the Xbox One and PC alpha tests haven’t been flawless (it is an alpha, after all), Xbox One and PC players were at least able to get online.

Worst of all, it took Sony days to even acknowledge the 2.0 update disaster. On Sunday, Sony tweeted the following message:

Microsoft is kicking into high gear just to compete with the PS4 this holiday season, but if Sony can’t resolve these issues swiftly, it might be about to get a taste of its own medicine.

Jacob Siegal
Jacob Siegal Associate Editor

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