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Movie studios’ worst nightmare has just gotten even better for pirates

Popcorn Time for Android Chromecast Support

Popcorn Time, also known as Netflix for Pirates, also known as a nightmare for Hollywood and its fight against piracy, has just gotten better for users, or at least for those people who happen to have an Android device. Popcorn Time announced on its blog that it has updated its Android app, adding Chromecast streaming support to the mix.

“Androiders- we’re sorry…,” Popcorn Time wrote. “But it appears that all your free time from now on will be spent ‘veggy’ing’ in front of your TV watching your favorite movies and TV shows which will be casting from your Android device… The health administration does advise getting up every hour or so to stretch your limbs, empty your bladder, and pay attention to your: Spouse/children/best friend/dog/cat/boyfriend/girlfriend/plants… Lol.”

The Android beta 2.0 app also brings automatic updates, a native user interface, faster download of movies or TV shows and various bug fixes.

Popcorn Time for Android supports even more devices, and it should get free VPN for Android support in beta version 2.1, which is due in a week or so. Mac users will be next to receive Chromecast support, with Windows users already able to stream Popcorn Time content to a Chromecast-connected big screen TV.

Popcorn Time is slowly become a more and more powerful platform for watching pirated content, and Hollywood can’t be happy about it. Not only is the application able to offer users access to torrent downloads in a friendly, Netflix-like auto-play manner, but it’s also ready to delete all traces for torrenting activities, and hide the traffic behind a VPN. Adding Chromecast support to Popcorn Time is just a cherry on top of everything the app does.

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