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Forget House of Cards: Daredevil looks like Netflix’s real flagship show

Netflix Ratings Daredevil Vs. House Of Cards

House of Cards will always have a place as the show that put Netflix on the map as a serious content producer. However, some new data reveals that this year’s Daredevil might be an even bigger smash hit than the Kevin Spacey-led Washington DC melodrama.

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Variety reports that Luth Research has been surveying “a sizable panel of Netflix subscribers in the U.S.” to determine which shows they really watch. The results are a bit surprising: an estimated 10.7% watched the at least one episode of Daredevil over its first month of release while 7.3% watched at least one episode of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt over its first month of release. For comparison, just 6.5% of subscribers watched at least one episode of the third season of House of Cards over its first month of release.

That said, it looks like House of Cards is more popular for binge watching than any of the other shows on Netflix — as Variety notes, the show’s “third season was also binge-viewed more than any of the other aforementioned originals, with nearly half of subs having watched at least three episodes in a single day in the first 30 days after release.”

To learn more about Netflix’s ratings for its original shows, check out Variety’s report by clicking here.

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