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Motorola reportedly planning Moto X events next week [updated]

Updated 10 years ago
Moto X Specs Release Date

Motorola is reportedly planning to brief tech reporters and bloggers on its upcoming Moto X smartphone on July 10th and 11th. Leo Laporte revealed on his “This Week in Google” show that he was invited to an event at Google’s Mountain View headquarters by Motorola’s Guy Kawasaki. The events will reportedly be very small and open to only 50 guests. Laporte speculates that the event could consist of briefings for the highly anticipated Moto X smartphone. He did warn that it may be for a small meet and greet, however, but he noted that Kawasaki would know better than to invite him to a silly event. It has also been said that the two people jumping off the dock in Motorola’s Moto X teaser resemble an X and an I, which could represent roman numerals for 11 — as in July 11th.

UPDATE: CNET updated its earlier post, linked below, with a claim that next week’s event does not involve the Moto X.