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Microsoft announces “fix” to Zune 30GB problems

Updated Dec 19th, 2018 6:11PM EST

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Are you still wrestling to bring your Zune 30GB back to life after it crapped out the other night? If so fear not, for Microsoft has published the official “solution” which will supposedly fix all of your troubles. It’s not a quick fix (though it is very easy), but at least if all goes well you’ll be able to have some tunes to listen to to occupy your mind from your blistering hang-over.

My Zune 30 is frozen. What should I do?

Follow these steps:

  1. Disconnect your Zune from USB and AC power sources.
  2. Because the player is frozen, its battery will drain—this is good. Wait until the battery is empty and the screen goes black. If the battery was fully charged, this might take a couple of hours.
  3. Wait until after noon GMT on January 1, 2009 (that’s 7 a.m. Eastern or 4 a.m. Pacific time).
  4. Connect your Zune to either a USB port on the back or your computer or to AC power using the Zune AC Adapter and let it charge.

Once the battery has sufficient power, the player should start normally. No other action is required—you can go back to using your Zune!

Well, there you have it. Microsoft’s solution to the Z2K9 issue is to let your Zune’s battery die and not plug it in until the big, bad leap year is finished with. Microsoft, do we even need to say how disappointed we are? You try to fight the MP3 juggernaut that is the iPod but your mighty warrior is brought down by a leap year? For shame.

Thanks, jemmark!