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Live from Sprint’s CTIA press event!

Updated Dec 19th, 2018 7:07PM EST

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Here we are again, at another CTIA Wireless conference and Sprint press event. The nation’s third largest wireless carrier set the industry on fire last year with the announcement of the HTC EVO 4G, and they are expected to introduce big things this year as well. Dan Hesse and company are backstage putting the final touches on their presentations right now — we’re getting our nimble fingers ready to bring you the news as it happens. Hit the jump to follow our live coverage and don’t forget to refresh the page for all the latest updates!

2:15PM:That’s it folks, thanks again for following along. Be sure to check out our hands-on posts… they’re already up on the homepage!

2:14PM:“Thank you for being here today.”

2:11PM:“We also announced the EVO View 4G, and the device will launch with 2.3 Android and move to Honeycomb when it is ready.”

2:11PM:“We know that that the processor is the heart of a phone. That’s why we have a 1.2GHz dual-core Snapdragon processor. They also run asynchronously. This is important. Both cores can run at independent speeds and this saves battery life.”

2:10PM:“This device is not just about the 3D experience, it sets the benchmark for performance in 2011.”

2:06PM:“You can connect the phone with an HDMI cable to your 3D TV and share 3D video with your friends and family.”

2:05PM:“We agree mobile will be the best form factor to delivery 3D. We believe these devices really deliver a true 3D experience without glasses.”

2:05PM:“We always focus on key market trends. 3D is a trend you are seeing everywhere, and we want to leverage and accelerate that. 3.2 million 3D TVs were shipped in 2010. 91 million are expected in 2014. ABI Research says mobile technology may be the best way to bring 3D to the big screen quicker.”

2:02PM:Sprint’s head of product development is on stage, Fared Adib.

2:01PM:Hesse: “This concludes the 2D portion of our event, please put your glasses on.”

2:00PM:“We didn’t want to rush a tablet to market. We wanted to develop Sense because it’s part of who HTC is.”

1:59PM:“We’ve redesigned the home screen to make it easy for our customers. You can go right to email or right to maps, you can go right to where you need to be.”

1:58PM:HTC’s Jason MacKenzie is on stage: “People love the EVO family because we’ve done all the small things that bring a smile to customers faces.”

1:55PM:“Both the EVO 3D and EVO View 4G have HDMI-out port. With these additions, Sprint now has a record 22 4G devices. Not faux-G, 4G!”

1:54PM:“With the EVO View 4G, you can make and receive video calls and use the innovative HTC’s Scribe digital pen.”

1:53PM:“Today we’re also announcing another addition to our EVO family, the EVO View 4G.”

1:52PM:“It runs the fastest version of Android available, Gingerbread — Android 2.3.”

1:52PM:“Today we’re announcing the EVO 3D. 960 x 540 pixel that allows you to capture and watch 3D without glasses. It has a dual-core 1.2GHz processor and takes advantage of Sprint’s great 4G network. It provides and experience second to none.”

1:51PM:Dan Hesse is on stage

1:49PM:Crisis averted. Glasses are for a show we’re watching

1:48PM:“Ladies and gentlemen, the program will begin in one minute.” Let’s do this thing!

1:41PM:I don’t know what Sprint has planned, but I hope whatever it is will not require these 3D glasses for everyday use.

1:38PM:Interesting choice of headwear.

1:37PM:Spint employees have stopped scurrying around, but still no word on when this 1:30 press conference might actually start.

1:34PM:Two devices have just been put on the aforementioned pedestals. EVO EVO EVO!

1:31PM:Should be starting anytime now. We’re being handed 3D glasses…

1:22PM:T-minus 7 minutes. EVO, EVO, EVO!

1:08PM:The event starts at 1:30 p.m. ET, just 22 short minutes from now. Buckle up.

1:06PM:Hey look, two pedestals… I wonder what they could be for?