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Live from LG’s CES 2012 press conference

Updated Dec 19th, 2018 7:41PM EST

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The Consumer Electronics show is always a massive event for the home entertainment industry, and 2012 is shaping up to be the biggest year yet. Hundreds of companies will showcase thousands of products, but among the companies that managed to generate some real buzz ahead of the show, LG really looks like it has some gems on its hands this year. The company previewed its new nearly borderless 55-inch OLED HDTV last week and it has a few Cinema Screen 3D models with just a 1-millimeter bezel surrounding its gorgeous display panels. LG surely has plenty more gear in store for us — including at least one smartphone and next-generation Google TV devices — so hit the break to watch all the action unfold in our live coverage.

1:18PM:The third and final app is Sleepbot, a mobile and web app that helps people improve their sleep habits.

1:15PM:The first app is a social app that let’s users share images and notes about their sports injuries via various social networks. No, seriously.

1:11PM:AT&T is also announcing a new HTML5-based app distribution platform that will be included in its next-gen AppCenter.

1:05PM:Execs from Pandora and Zynga are now on stage to discuss AT&T’s testing and optimization tool, ARO.

12:59PM:People Power’s winning app was an open source solution that helps users manage their power consumption, and it lets companies offer branded versions to their customers.

12:55PM:And the winner is… People Power.

12:50PM:AT&T’s goal is to address the global market, and it intends to ensure that its tools are interoperable across a as many international networks as possible.

12:49PM:AT&T is planning on adding new network APIs for speech-to-text this year, along with advertising, contacts, “storage as a service,” about a dozen more.

12:45PM:AT&T is now going to walk us through its API roadmap.

12:43PM:AT&T is the first carrier to join the OpenStack initiative.

12:42PM:AT&T is also announcing that it is formally joining the OpenStack community. The carrier has already dedicated thousands of hours to OpenStack projects, and it is excited to continue its work more formally.

12:38PM:AT&T also offers differentiated cloud solutions to consumers and businesses alike. AT&T is dedicated to working with businesses to create custom cloud-based enterprise solutions, but the company understands that developers have different needs than enterprise and AT&T announced “AT&T platform as a service” to address developer needs.

12:36PM:As AT&T continues to roll our its LTE network, maintaining fast and reliable service across both HSPA+ and LTE is a huge priority.

12:31PM:AT&T is working with a number of partner companies during the development of its APIs, including Microsoft, Heroku, StackMob and others.

12:29PM:PacketVideo is an example of a company making use of the U-verse API. The firm’s CEO is now on stage demoing its app, Twonky Video, which allows users to stream and share YouTube content and now, thanks to AT&T’s APIs, it can stream videos from U-verse as well.

12:26PM:AT&T now has more than 3.6 million U-verse subscribers, and the U-verse APIs AT&T offers allow devs to build apps that will interact with U-verse services and stream media, control accounts and more on iOS, Android or on other platforms.

11:51AM:We just saw a brief commercial LG will be airing in partnership with ESPN and Verizon Wireless. We’re winding down now and hope to get hands-on with the device as soon as possible. Thanks for joining us!

11:50AM:“We think this device is the ultimate mobile trifecta. Incredible hardware, LG LTE and the most coveted HD content.” The spectrum will launch on January 19th for $199.99 with a two-year contract.

11:49AM:HD video will be included in ESPN‘s Score Center application on the Spectrum.

11:48AM:ESPN will exclusively provide HD video for the LG Spectrum in partnership with Verizon. Stuart Scott is on a video talking about the phone. Kind of cheesy.

11:45AM:The Spectrum has a 4.5-inch display with a 1280 x 720-pixel resolution. It will launch exclusively on Verizon Wireless by the end of this month, although pricing was not discussed.

11:42AM:We feel really good about what we accomplished in 2011. Globally we introduced the world’s first dual-core processor in a smartphone. The first glasses-free 3D smartphone and now the first HD IPS display on a smartphone. Looking ahead we will focus on the high-end LTE market. The first device is the LG Spectrum exclusively for Verizon. 1.5GHz dual-core processor, Android 2.3 Gingerbread upgradeable to ICS. It has an 8-megapixel camera, 1.3MP front-facing and can record video in 1080P HD Video.

11:40AM:Tim O’Brien the vice president of marketing for mobile phones is taking the stage.

11:39AM:Today LG is unveiling a turbo wash ultracycle feature for its washing machines. It cleans clothes faster so you can get more out the door quickly. In 2012 LG will add its largest capacity washer available. It anticipates that all will meet the DOE Energy Star standard.

11:38AM:LG is discussing custom wash cycles for washing machines and an awesome technology that allows users to use their fridge to follow a diet, follow its inventory and more all from a touchscreen or from their smartphones. Another homebot device can roam the house with a build-in camera. “We’re quite excited to expand our line of super capacity of french door refrigerators.” A four-door version will be available this year. Each model will have the blast chiller, which we discussed earlier, which chills a can in 5 minutes or a bottle of wine in 8 minutes.

11:34AM:“For the second year in a row at CES, LG is showcasing its home appliance technology. This year we have Ellis Mass, LG’s director of home appliances.”

11:33AM:LG is going over design and sound technology that currently exists in its models and is encouraging CES attendees visiting the booth to check it out first-hand which, of course, we will be doing.

11:29AM:95% of the market is using active shutter glasses (3D) and more consumers are adopting the technology.

11:29AM:Good morning everyone. It’s hard to believe another year has passed since we introduced Cinema 3D technology. We were a lone voice in discussing passive technology but we were armed with consumer research that showed a strong preference when compared to active shutter glass. We had the confidence to create a marketing campaign about passive technology.

11:28AM:Now three speakers are taking the stage to discuss a detailed US product launch schedule. Tim Elessi from Home Entertainment in the U.S. is on stage.

11:27AM:The picture quality is super. It is really capable and 100% compatible with other LG 3D glasses.

11:26AM:Well, your enthusiasm has not gone unnoticed. This year we have a much larger version for you. This is our 55-inch OLED TV. At just 4mm thin and weighing only 7.5 kilograms it’s the world’s thinnest, largest and lightest OLED TV.

11:26AM:I’d like to unveil one final product.

11:24AM:LG is introducing blast chiller which allows you to quickly chill soda or any other warm can of soda in less than 5 minutes. Sounds awesome.

11:23AM:Last year, we introduced smart diagnosis and another of appliance-related technology. Now we’re giving it a new name, smart manager. Users can record food items stored in the refrigerator with voice recognition or by scanning receipts with a smartphones. The fridge can download the full inventory.

11:21AM:We are introducing the first enterprise smartphone with VMWare Verizon mobile manager. It will be discussed more during Mobile World Congress next month.

11:19AM:As you’ve probably heard, we’ve invested heavily in LTE during the past few years. We believe this gives us a form foundation for future growth in today’s competitive mobile industry. We have launched the Optimus LTE smartphone (Nitro HD on AT&T), this smartphone is currently our flagship model and it’s the first to integrate the true HD IPS display.

11:18AM:So, this year at CES we will be showcasing our own series of Google TVs with the latest Google TV software. Our technology coupled with the Google TV platform will form the basis of future relationships with Google. Now, let’s move on to the smartphones.

11:18AM:2D to 3D conversion has also been improved. 3D depth control and 3D zooming will also be added as new features to LG’s TVs this year. For single user viewing, we’ve created 3D monitors and laptops. Before we move on to the next product category, I’d like to introduce another new product.

11:16AM:“We now support more than 80 countries and offer more than 1,200 applications. Since the start of the smart TV revolution, we have felt that industry chipsets have held us back from providing high performance and powerful solutions on our TVs. After a few years of development we are announcing our own chipset, the L-Line, it features a dual-core ARM architecture. This will be applied to our premium line this year.”

11:15AM:LG’s smart TV will be the first in the industry to feature Intel WiDi technology.

11:14AM:In addition to voice recognition, we are introducing a 3D gesture interface using a 3D camera. Sounds a lot like what the Microsoft Kinect offers.

11:13AM:“We have been able to create thinner panels, unlike some of our competitors,” with unique LED technology. The Cinema Screen Design allowed LG to create thinner TVs without sacrificing picture quality. It has just a 1.0mm bezel and 28mm thickness. Last year LG introduced a new way to interact with TVs with the Magic Remote. This year LG will use voice recognition for text input.

11:10AM:Master of Innovation Dr. Scott Ahn is taking the stage to give us a taste of LG’s newest products. “I have a lot to talk about today, and I hope we agree that it has been worthwhile getting up so early.” He will go over smart TVs, smartphones and smart appliances and how the tech is tied together across each product category.

11:08AM:“Despite the challenging business environment in 2011, life is still good at LG and the best is yet to come.” LG will focus on its core product categories. “Today we invite you to experience the latest LG innovations.. As we have said before, LG is committed to building a future with innovative products.”

11:07AM:LG increased sales of energy star rated products by 30%

11:07AM:In mobile phones, US says it is continuing to grow its U.S. business, including the first dual-core smartphone, a glasse-free smartphone and a trueHD device with an IPS display. “We advanced our US brand to an all time high and led the industry in consumer satisfaction.”

11:05AM:LG had record breaking US sales last year, especially in LG TV with its LG Cinema 3G line.

11:05AM:Alright we’re here and seated, huge line lots of people. President of LG Electronics USA is on the stage going over the year and LG’s ability to increase its revenues by nearly 8% during a difficult economy.


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